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Father accidentally kills 3-year-old daughter while trying to stab and hit wife during argument about money

By Alexis Bell 6:09 AM January 2, 2018
Knife (illustration)

A father was arrested after accidentally killing his daughter while trying to beat his wife.

30-year-old Chikumbutso Galu from Malawi is accused of killing his 3-year-old daughter Galasa Lekando.

Nsanje Police Sergeant Agnes Zalakoma said that Galu had a fight with his wife, 27-year-old Paula Devani, over money.

Galu had given his wife money and she spent it all. He demanded to know what she bought and where she spent it all.

When Devani was unable to give him an exact account of where she spent the money, a fight broke out.

During the fight, the husband took a panga machete and wanted to hit his wife with it. Unfortunately, his wife moved out of the way and the father hit his daughter who was standing nearby.

“The knife landed on the daughter’s head and she suffered a big cut,” Zalakoma said. The girl was taken to a hospital, where she died.

An autopsy was performed and revealed that the cause of death was severe hemorrhage.

The father was charged with murder.