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Father who committed “honor killing” on UK daughter suddenly died days before documentary of her life was due to air on TV

By Tanya Clark 12:33 PM January 31, 2018
Samia Shahid and her second husband, father, and ex-husband arrested (insert)

A young woman of the United Kingdom was killed when she divorced her husband and married the man she loved.

28-year-old Samia Shahid was in an arranged marriage with her
Cousin, Chaudhry Muhammad Shakeel.

Shahid lived in Bradford, where she worked as a beautician.

She was unhappy in her arranged marriage and divorced her first husband. She eventually found love and married her second husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazam of Leeds.

According to Kazam, his wife’s family in Pakistan were unhappy with her second marriage and plotted to kill her.

One day, Shahid received a phone call from her family members, saying that her father Muhammad Shahid was critically ill.

She decided to visit her father before he died. However, 6 days after landing in the country, Shahid was found dead.

Her family claimed Samia had died of a heart attack but a post-mortem examination confirmed she had been strangled.

Police arrested her father and her first husband in connection with the death. Her father was eventually released for lack of evidence.

BBC was preparing to air a documentary about Shahid but they have now postponed it after learning that her father suddenly died.

According to a family friend, Muhammad Shahid died after suffering a fatal heart attack following complications with gastric band surgery.