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Father uses glass jar of cheese dip to cut his daughter’s face because she ate his food

By Tanya Clark 1:20 PM January 24, 2018
Glass jar (illustration)

A father flew into a rage when he saw his daughter eating his food, according to police in Nevada.

Las Vegas police said that they have arrested 50-year-old Alfonzo Stanley after being accused of using a glass jar to hit his daughter in the head and face.

Stanley has been charged with domestic battery resulting in substantial bodily harm.

He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and his bail has been set at $25,000.

According to the police investigation, the father and his adult daughter live together.

On Sunday afternoon, Stanley caught his daughter eating his food.

He confronted her and she promised to buy him other food.

However, Stanley became angry despite his daughter’s promise to bring him more food.

He picked up a glass jar of Doritos Nacho Cheese Dip and slammed it into his daughter’s face and head.

Police officers who arrived at the scene found the woman holding a bloody towel to her face.

She was taken to the University Medical Center, where she was treated with 40 stitches and released.

During questioning, Stanley told police that he became angry with his daughter because she ate his food.

He said that he hit her with the glass jar because that was the first thing he saw.

He admitted that he would have hit her with his cane if not for the glass jar.