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Firefighters called to emergency room where they worked for 6 hours to remove a ring stuck on a man’s penis

By Alexis Bell 11:04 AM January 2, 2018
Rings (illustration)

Firefighters spent nearly an entire night in a hospital emergency room to help doctors remove a ring, which became stuck on a man’s penis, according to a fire department in the United Kingdom.

Firefighters from the Ipswich East station confirmed that they were called to the Ipswich Hospital on Monday, at around 12:30 a.m., after doctors were unable to remove the ring from the man’s penis.

The man told doctors that he forced the ring onto his penis but he was unable to remove it later on.

When his penis swelled, he checked himself into the hospital.

Doctors tried to remove the ring but were unsuccessful.

Doctors then called the firefighters who worked for 4 hours to remove the ring.

The firefighters then called in their colleagues from the Princes Street station after being unable to remove the ring.

Finally, after 6 hours, both firefighter units managed to remove the ring form the man’s penis.

The London Fire Brigade has warned that since the release of the film Fifty Shades of Grey, these types of emergencies have increased more than 50%.