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Football player drinks urine after fan from rival team urinated in his water bottle during match

By Emily Lewis 2:12 PM January 23, 2018
Man urinating in football player's water bottle

A football player felt like vomiting after drinking water that was contaminated with urine, according to police in the United Kingdom.

London police said that they have arrested a man and are investigating a woman after a video surfaced, showing the woman swiping the football player’s water bottle from the field and handing it over to the man who then urinated in it.

The man later threw the bottle back on the field.

The 27-year-old goalie had no idea that someone tampered with his water bottle.

He picked it up and drank from it.

He immediately noticed something strange and spit the water out.

The incident unfolded on Saturday during the EFL Championship match between Middlesbrough and Queens Park Rangers.

The man was a Middlesbrough fan and he wanted to punish a member of his rival team.

A police officer wrote on Twitter: “I’ve been asked by a few followers and can confirm the so-called Middlesbrough fan who urinated in the Queens Park Rangers goalie bottle was arrested by my colleagues. Disgusting act and I will do all I can to remove him from attending games again.”

The London football police unit wrote: “After an investigation, we can confirm that the male arrested at the game has been charged with throwing an item onto the pitch. The male has been bailed and will appear at court next month.”