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Friend records 19-year-old medical student lying on train tracks as speeding train rolled over him

By Alexis Bell 6:10 AM January 26, 2018
Adil Ahmad at the police station

Police have warned people not to imitate a teen after a video of his daredevil prank went viral.

Police in India have also warned the teens not to promote dangerous pranks like this.

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir called the prank “stupid.”

The video of the terrifying stunt was recorded by Mohammad Kasim, 19.

The video showed 19-year-old Adil Ahmad, a first-year medical student from Kashmir, lying down on the tracks as a speeding train came towards him.

As the train approached, the daredevil pressed his head into the ground and stayed down until it passed.

Thankfully, he was not injured. Ahmad then got up and laughed.

He was happy that his prank worked.

After the video went viral, Ahmad and Kasim were called to the police station for questioning.

Police chief Mohammad Aznar of the Bijbehara Police Station said that Ahmad had seen a similar stunt in a video on Facebook and decided to try it.

“We detained him for some time and counseled him before letting him go. He has realized his mistake. He apologized and promised that he will never do or promote anything like this again,” Anzar said.

The railway police are also investigating the incident.