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Good-looking train conductor fired from job after taking racy photos on tracks for charity calendar

By Tanya Clark 8:00 AM January 25, 2018
Stephanie Katelnikoff

A woman was upset when she was fired from her job as a train conductor due to her charitable work.

28-year-old Stephanie Katelnikoff worked as a Canadian Pacific Railway conductor a while also doing molding work on the side.

Katelnikoff said that she started modeling when she was asked to pose for a charity calendar after some other girls dropped out at the last minute.

Katelnikoff of Calgary, Alberta, was fired from her job after her company found nude and racy photos of her posing on train tracks.

Katelnikoff made headlines when she was fired back in 2014 after the Banff train derailment.

In that case, a train with cars carrying building material went off the tracks.

She fought the dismissal and wanted her job back. Katelnikoff claimed that she was fired because she had filed a sexual harassment complaint against another employee.

An arbitrator ruled in her favor and Katelnikoff was later reinstated.

Now, the company said that an internal investigation into her conduct found that Katelnikoff violated CP Rail’s code of ethics and its Internet and email policy.

Katelnikoff was once again fired from her job as a train conductor.

Katelnikoff said that she was called into the office and handed a package, which contained screenshots of the photos that violated the company’s policies.

The package also had a copy of her prior warning, which she received after posting a YouTube video in which she criticized the company’s former CEO.

Katelnikoff, who used the Facebook name Steph Kat, said that she was “shocked at the length they went to in investigating my personal social media accounts and my off-duty activity.”

The trade union came to Katelnikoff’s defense and they are now helping her in her fight to once again get her job back.

“The work itself is amazing. It’s my favorite job I’ve ever had,” Katelnikoff said.