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Hair stylist turns her police mugshot into business advertisement to get customers

By Alexis Bell 8:12 AM January 11, 2018
Shia Yearwood

A woman who was arrested turned the bad situation into something positive.

23-year-old Shia Yearwood of Charlotte, North Carolina, was arrested for violating a domestic protective order related to a child-custody case.

Yearwood found that her mugshot has been posted to Twitter.

Yearwood, who is a hair stylist, said that she had done her hair just two hours before her arrest. She looked great in her mugshot.

Someone asked who did her hair. Yearwood, who did her hair by herself, retweeted it and the mugshot along with the hashtag #BraidsByShia.

Her tweet was shared over 4,500 times, it had over 8,900 likes and many compliments over the way her braids looked.

People asked for her price list and she set up appointments for new clients.

Yearwood said that she does not want people to assume that she is taking the arrest lightly or as a joke. “Instead, I saw it as a lesson and an opportunity to show off my skills,” she said.