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Husband beheads 20 chickens with his bare hands in jealous fit of rage

By Tanya Clark 4:57 AM January 7, 2018
Gregory Ulrich (left) and John Budnovitch

A man was arrested after viciously killing chickens because he was angry with his wife.

Police in Connecticut said that the man ripped off the heads of 20 chickens at two different homes during a jealous fit of rage.

According to the police report, 28-year-old Gregory Ulrich left a bar when he saw photos of his wife at a party with other people and became jealous.

Milford police officer Michael DeVito said Ulrich went to the homes of the people who provoked his anger.

Ulrich then broke the windows of cars with an ax while he was leaning out of a car that was driven by John Budnovitch, 21.

The men then traveled to a house with chickens. Ulrich slammed the animals on the ground and snapped their heads off with his hands.

Some heads were left on the owner’s property but most of them he placed in a bag. Ulrich told officers that he wanted to cook and eat them, DeVito said.

The two then went to another house. Ulrich ripped off the doors of coops to get to the chickens, the officer added.

Both men were arrested. Ulrich faces numerous charges, including 20 counts of cruelty to animals. Budnovitch was accused of conspiracy to commit animal cruelty among other charges.

Bail for Ulrich was set at $15,000 while Budnovitch is being held on $5,000.