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Husband devastated as funeral home cremated his wife’s body after mixing her up with another woman

By Tanya Clark 2:49 PM January 28, 2018
Woman scattering cremated body in lake (illustration)

A husband in Canada couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing during the funeral of his wife.

Nova Scotia officials have launched an investigation after a funeral home mixed up several bodies and accidentally cremated the wrong woman.

65-year-old Sandra Bennett of Berwick died after a lengthy illness.

Bennett’s husband Gary prepared the funeral and burial at the Berwick Funeral Chapel, which is owned and operated by Serenity Funeral Home.

When the funeral home employees wheeled in the open casket, Gary pointed out that the dead woman was not his wife.

The funeral home employees apologized and removed the casket.

A few minutes later, the employees brought in another open casket.

This time, the deceased was wearing Bennett’s clothes but the body was not Gary’s wife.

Again, Gary complained and the employees removed the casket.

A few minutes later, the funeral home manager apologized to Gary and said that Bennett was accidentally cremated after being mixed up with another woman.

Gary and his family were devastated by the news.

Government officials who oversee the funeral home industry launched an investigation to learn how such a grave mistake could have occurred.