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Husband filed for divorce because wife decided to wear pants

By Emily Lewis 2:04 PM January 25, 2018
Woman wearing pants (illustration)

A husband filed for divorce after his wife decided to wear pants against his will, according to court documents in Nigeria.

On Wednesday, Igando Customary Court Judge Akin Akinniyi granted the divorce, saying that there was no more love between the couple.

42-year-old Fatimot Abiola and her husband, Rasheed, 47, lived together for 22 years and they had three children.

Rasheed works as a customs officer while his wife did housework.

The trouble began recently when Fatimot began wearing pants.

Rasheed warned his wife to stop wearing pants but she ignored him.

Rasheed believed that his wife was wearing pants because she began working as a prostitute.

He and his mother told her that they could no longer tolerate her behavior and they rejected her way of life and defiant attitude.

In court, Rasheed accused his wife of threatening him.

Specifically, she warned him against marrying a second wife even though they did not have sex in years.

Rasheed believed that he began suffering from depression because of his bad wife.

Fatimot told the court that she no longer loved her husband and agreed to divorce.