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Husband and wife cut off their 11-year-old son’s fingers for stealing their chicken and selling it

By Alexis Bell 12:26 PM January 9, 2018
Chickens (illustration)

A husband and wife severely abused their own son by cutting off his fingers, according to police in Kenya.

Kirinyaga police said that they have arrested the two parents after allegedly using a meat cleaver to cut off 4 fingers of their 11-year-old son.

The two suspects, who were not identified, are facing charges of assault and child abuse.
The 11-year-old boy was handed over to the custody of his grandmother.

The couple’s other children were left in the custody of their parents.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Monday.

The two parents noticed that one of their chickens were missing.

They immediately blamed their 11-year-old son and accused him of stealing the chicken and selling it for cash.

The boy denied the allegations.

The parents tied up the boy and locked him in a room.

They then used a meat cleaver to chop off 4 of his fingers as punishment for stealing.
Neighbors who heard the boy screaming called the police.

Police raided the home and rescued the boy.

The boy was taken to the Kerugoya Level Five hospital, where he was treated and released.