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Hustler stripper punches customer in the face after being told she was a bad mother

By Alexis Bell 12:45 PM January 30, 2018
David Kupferstein

A Hustler Club stripper is under fire for becoming violent and attacking a customer, according to court documents in New York.

36-year-old David Kupferstein of Manhattan is suing the Hustler Club, which is located at 641 W 51st Street, claiming that the stripper punched him in the face as he was drinking from a glass and knocking out one of his teeth.

Kupferstein told the Manhattan Supreme Court that he wants to get $1 million as compensation for damages.

According to the court documents, Kupferstein and his friends were at the Hustler Club when the stripper stopped at their table to chat.

While talking, the stripper complained that her children were getting into trouble with the police.

Kupferstein responded by saying that perhaps she was a bad mother.

The stripper did not like what he said and punched him in the face while he was drinking from a glass.

As a result, his tooth broke.

Security guards escorted Kupferstein from the club and they later brought him the broken tooth.

Kupferstein told the court that he underwent years of expensive dental treatment to repair his tooth.