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Jail for protesters who stripped naked and slaughtered sheep at Auschwitz death camp

By Mason White 2:08 PM January 23, 2018
Naked protest at Nazi death camp

Several protesters who claimed that they wanted to express their disagreement with the war in Ukraine were jailed after stripping naked in front of a Nazi death camp in Poland.

The people were detained at the Auschwitz death camp after they stripped naked and slaughtered a sheep at the entrance of the former Nazi site.

Oswiecim police said that they have arrested the 12 people after the men and women were seen standing naked while holding up a sign that read: “love.”

Police confirmed that the 12 people, aged between 20 and 27, came from Poland, Belarus, and Germany, in order to hold a protest against war crimes committed in Ukraine.

When the men and women began to strip naked, a security guard at the scene told them to get dressed.

The protesters refused and used a drone to record themselves standing naked and then slaughtering a sheep.

They also set off firecrackers and chained themselves to a gate.

A spokesperson for the Auschwitz memorial condemned the stunt, saying that using the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign in videos to score political points is reprehensible.

They also desecrated the memory of the millions of people who were killed by the Nazis at the site.

All 12 suspects were arrested and charged with desecrating a memorial site.

Mikita Valadzko and Adam Byalyatski were sentenced to serve more than 1 year in jail while the 10 others will have to pay large fines and perform community service.