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Landlord finds tenant’s skull buried in backyard after eviction for non-payment

By Alexis Bell 8:33 AM January 9, 2018
Michael Christopher Sager

Police were called to a home when a human skull was found in the backyard of a home in California.

Authorities in Sacramento said they had no missing persons report, but they soon learned that one of the tenants who lived at the home, has not been seen since 2015.

Homeowner Dimas Velasquez told police that 22-year-old Michael Christopher Sager lived at his home together with the victim, who was in his 20s.

Sager did not pay rent at the home, and when Velasquez evicted him, the home was in a deplorable condition. Velasquez was forced to do extensive work at the home due to the mess left behind by Sager.

Workers who were renovating the property found the skull and bones in a shallow grave not far from the back door.

A forensic team confirmed that the death was the result of a homicide. The victim’s identity has not yet been revealed as police are waiting for confirmation from the Sacramento County Coroner’s office.

Sager was arrested for murder. According to police, Sager killed his roommate during an argument back in 2015 and buried his body in the backyard.