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Lawyer arrested during failed bank robbery after demanding $50,000 because he needed money to pay ethics case fine

By William Martin 8:15 AM January 15, 2018
Man arrested (illustration)

An attorney was busted during an attempted bank robbery.

The attorney in Everett, Washington, was wearing a disguise that included a fake beard, dark glasses, and gloves.

According to documents filed Friday in the Snohomish County Superior Court, 60-year-old Richard Evan Kriger went to the Banner Bank on Colby Avenue and handed a note to the bank manager.

He demanded $50,000 with no dye pack and the keys to the manager’s car.

He claimed that he was at the bank to prevent a crime, not commit one.

Kriger told the manager that a troubled family member was outside of the bank with a rifle and is ready to shoot people if the money is not handed over or if the police were called.

The bank manager triggered the silent alarm despite the warning.

Officers quickly arrived and Kriger surrendered. He admitted to police that there was no one outside with a weapon.

Kriger is a civil lawyer, who at the end of 2016, completed a two-year suspension for mismanaging a trust account that involved his son.

Prosecutors said that Kriger still owes $50,000 of restitution which is the amount that was demanded in the theft.