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Little Caesars restaurant shuts down after manager with Hepatitis C did drugs and prepared food with open sores

By Mason White 8:26 AM January 25, 2018
Sasha Fletcher and Joshua Parson

A restaurant was shut down after police discovered that a worker who allegedly has Hepatitis C was touching food while she had open scores.

In addition, the manager at a Little Caesars Pizza allowed her boyfriend, who does not work at the store, to prepare himself food despite not wearing gloves and having open sores on his body.

Police in Shelbyville, Indiana, were called to the restaurant after Sasha Fletcher and her boyfriend, Joshua Parson, were accused of buying and using heroin at her workplace.

According to the police report, while officers were speaking with Fletcher, they observed Parson making pizza with his bare hands.

Officers said that both of them seemed to be impaired on heroin.

Health officials temporarily shut down the Little Caesars restaurant so it can be thoroughly cleaned to stop the “potential of a contagious outbreak.”

Fletcher has since been fired from her job.

Fletcher and Parson were arrested and charged with possession of a syringe and possession of heroin.