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Man banned from all Alaska Airlines flights after touching flight attendant’s backside while flying first class

By Emily Lewis 11:58 AM January 4, 2018
Alaska Airlines flight (illustration)

A man from California will no longer be able to get on an Alaska Airlines flight after being accused of sexually assaulting a flight attendant.

53-year-old Mike Timon of San Diego announced that Alaska Airlines was engaging in “reverse discrimination against men.”

Timon, who owns a medical equipment company, frequently flies first class.

On Tuesday, Timon was on the Alaska Airlines flight from Portland, Oregon, to San Diego we the incident occurred.

Timon was served just one alcoholic beverage when he was cut off from getting more drinks.

Timon claims that he then politely tapped a female flight attendant on her back to ask for another drink.

However, the flight attendant claimed that Timon inappropriately touched her behind.

When the flight landed in San Diego, Timon was greeted by the San Diego Harbor police.

The police officers took statements from both parties and no arrests were made.

Timon claimed he was sober the entire time but Alaska Airlines officials announced that they will not tolerate sexual assaults and banned the businessman from ever flying on its planes.