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Man choked girl after seeing her post on Twitter saying she was contemplating suicide

By Mason White 1:02 PM January 8, 2018
Rope (illustration)

A man who was arrested for strangling a girl told police that “she wanted it.”

Luckily, the girl managed to escape unharmed and she called for help.

Police arrested 28-year-old Kazunari Saito of Tokyo, Japan, on suspicion of attempted murder of a suicidal teenager.

Saito contacted the girl, who had expressed suicidal thoughts on Twitter, by sending a message, in which he told her that he could carry out her wishes and kill her.

He lured her to his bedroom in a dormitory that is run by his employer on his day off from work.

When the girl arrived, Saito tried to strangle her with a rope.

The girl managed to escape from the scene and called her father for help, police said.

Saito admitted to the accusations, saying he tried to kill her because she “asked for it,” police added.