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Man crushed to death after getting sucked into MRI machine at hospital while visiting relative

By Alexis Bell 12:52 PM January 30, 2018
Rajesh Maru

A man who was accompanied his sick relative to a hospital died after getting sucked into an MRI machine, according to police in India.

Mumbai police said that they have arrested a doctor and two hospital employees after allowing 32-year-old Rajesh Maru to enter the MRI room with a metal oxygen tank.

The suspects are facing a charge of causing death by negligence.

The incident unfolded on Saturday night at the Nair Hospital.

Maru and his elderly relative went to the hospital to get an MRI.

Maru waited outside the room while the patient was inside the MRI machine.

At some point, Maru asked whether he could go into the MRI room with an oxygen tank to help his elderly relative breathe.

The doctor and the two employees allowed him inside the room with the oxygen tank, saying that people do it all the time despite warning signs that no metal was allowed.

As soon as Maru entered the room, he got sucked into the machine.

His body got crushed as the oxygen tank pinned him to the machine.

The elderly patient screamed and alerted the hospital staff.

Maru was pulled off the machine and rushed to the nearby emergency room, where he was declared dead.

The doctor denied the allegations, saying that Maru was warned against going into the MRI room with the oxygen tank but he refused to listen.