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Man dragged girl into shed where he forced her to perform sex acts at knifepoint

By Tanya Clark 7:58 AM January 3, 2018
James Locklear

A girl was brutally attacked by a man who forced her to perform sex acts at knifepoint.

Police in Florida arrested 43-year-old James Locklear after he was accused of dragging the girl into a shed that was located in the yard of a vacant home in Lee County.

The victim, who police said was over 12-years-old, told detectives that she was beaten and forced to perform sex acts on the man with threats of being killed.

The victim said that when she tried to resist the sexual assault, Locklear beat her.

Locklear is accused of using a telephone wire to hit the girl on the legs and he choked her several times to the point where she passed out.

According to the police report, Locklear told the girl that “this would be her last night of life.”

The girl eventually managed to escape from the shed and she flagged down a police officer.