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Man dressed as nurse before going into a hospital and sexually assaulting a woman who was giving birth

By Mason White 11:32 AM January 3, 2018
Woman in labor at hospital (illustration)

A man dressed as a nurse before going into the maternity ward of a hospital and sexually assaulting a woman in labor, according to police in Italy.

Rome police said that they have arrested the 38-year-old suspect, who was not identified, for fondling the 43-year-old woman and pleasuring himself.

The suspect has been charged with one count of sexual violence.

A judge has ordered the suspect to be held without bail.

According to the police investigation, the suspect was residing illegally in the country after arriving from Somalia.

On Sunday, the man entered the Sant’Eugenio Hospital and went to the storage room.

He found a nurse uniform and changed his clothes.

The suspect then entered the delivery room, where a 43-year-old woman was in labor.

The suspect fondled the woman’s breasts and pleasured himself.

The woman began screaming, prompting doctors and nurses to enter the delivery room.

The suspect was detained until police arrived.

The court was told that the suspect has a criminal history.