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Man who fatally shot his neighbor because he was being bullied asks judge for death penalty

By William Martin 8:21 AM January 25, 2018
Qiu Feng Ke and Edward Tudor

A man who killed his neighbor is representing himself in court and is asking the judge to hand him the death penalty.

60-year-old Qiu Feng Ke of Holiday, Florida, was arrested after he killed a neighbor in a pre-planned attack.

Ke, who referred to himself as a loner who has no parents or friends, claimed that his victim bullied him by making lots of noise through the night, banging on a wall while cursing at him, and playing the television loudly.

Ke never reported any of these incidents to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and other neighbors said that they did not experience such behavior.

One day, Ke went over to the home of his 37-year-old neighbor, Edward Tudor, and shot him execution style. A woman who was at the home managed to hide and called the police.

Ke admitted that he was looking for the woman as he wanted to kill her too but was unable to find her.

The suspect never defended his actions. Instead, he told police that he wanted to hang himself after the shooting. He is now looking forward to getting the death penalty so he can be killed by the state.