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Man forced to walk semi-naked in street with prostitute after being caught having sex before wife’s funeral

By Alexis Bell 8:14 AM January 1, 2018
Luscious Chiturumani with the prostitute in walk of shame

A man who was preparing to bury his wife was caught having sex with a prostitute at a family member’s home.

Luscious Chiturumani, who lived in Gweru, Zimbabwe, arrived at his in-law’s village of Chiredzi, where his wife was going to be buried.

His wife, Sibongile Mthetwa, died after a short illness.

Chiturumani arrived with a woman, whom he introduced as his sister. He slept in the same room as the woman while awaiting the funeral that took place the next day.

The next morning, a family member, who was smoking a cigarette outside, heard strange sounds coming from Chiturumani’s room.

Thinking he may be in trouble, the family member alerted neighbors and together they went into the room only to find Chiturumani having sex with “his sister.”

Members of the family and community were furious over the disrespect shown towards his deceased wife who has not yet been buried.

They were also angry that Chiturumani lied to them about the prostitute being his sister.

Witnesses beat and kicked Chiturumani before forcing him and the prostitute to walk around the neighborhood semi-naked with just their underwear on.