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Man freezes to death while hiding from police after hit and run

By Mason White 5:25 AM January 5, 2018
Mark Henderson

A man who did not want to pay the consequences for his crime ultimately lost his life.

34-year-old Mark Henderson of Wisconsin was driving a 1995 Ford Explorer when he ran a red light.

His actions caused an accident, involving four cars.

Henderson, who was on parole after he pleaded guilty to a fatal hit-and-run incident that killed Dorian Nelson nearly a decade ago, fled the scene on foot and hid from police on a stranger’s property.

Officers contacted the owner of the car, Yulanda Paige, who is Henderson’s girlfriend, following the accident. She went to the scene.

Paige and police searched the area but were unable to find Henderson who did not have a coat and was wearing only jeans and a top when he ran from the scene.

Henderson’s body was found the next day lying on the stranger’s property between a shed and a wooden fence.

When the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner Jeanne Wiedmeyer arrived on the scene, she found Henderson’s body “frozen solid,” according to a report by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office.