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Man gets parking ticket on car made out of snow

By Mason White 8:06 AM January 19, 2018
Car snow sculpture by Simon Laprise

A man in Canada posted photos to Facebook, showing police officers placing a ticket to a car that he created out of snow.

Simon Laprise, 33, of Montreal, Quebec, who goes by the Facebook name L.S.D Laprise Simon Designs, created a life-size model of a car.

He said that he added details to the car sculptor, including windshield wipers and indentions for windows and the wheels over the course of several days.

One day, during snow plow hours when all cars must be moved for snow cleaning, officers arrived. One officer was seen getting out of his vehicle and taking a closer look at the car.

Apparently, the officer was impressed with the real-looking vehicle as he called his colleagues over. Soon, another officer arrived at the “scene.”

The officers had a sense of humor and place a ticket on the car that read: “You made our night. Hahahahaha.”