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Man kills his twin brother who had the same first and last names as him

By Tanya Clark 8:08 AM January 11, 2018
Prince Terrill Mitchell

A man killed his brother with whom he shared many things including his first and last names.

Police in Florida were called to a home on Demper Drive off North Pearl Street in Jacksonville after a man was found dead outside in the street.

The 26-year-old man died of a gunshot wound and police began looking his twin brother who has the same first and last names but a slightly different middle name.
The brother was believed to have shot the victim during an argument.

Police said that Prince Terrill Mitchell killed his twin brother, Prince Tirrell Mitchell.

Police have been looking for the suspect for 4 months as he was on the run. He was finally tracked down in Daytona Beach by U.S. Marshals and arrested, police said.

“He was transported back to Jacksonville and charged with murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon,”
Lt. Craig Waldrup said.