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Man leading police on chase caught with dead 13-year-old girl in the trunk of his car

By Alexis Bell 7:07 AM January 18, 2018
Yap Min (center)

A man was arrested after a deceased teenager was found in the trunk of his vehicle.

Police in Malaysia said that an officer spotted a car parked at the side of a road near a forest at about 5:50 p.m.

The man, 33-year-old Yap Kak Min, was standing in the back of his car with the trunk open.

Sarawak CID Chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Datuk Dev Kumar said that as soon as the officer pulled over to check on the man, Min closed the trunk and sped off.

The officer called for backup and followed Min. After about a 3-mile chase, officers were able to stop the suspect. Upon inspection of the trunk, officers found the body.

The girl was identified as 13-year-old Nasreen Tan Chai Wei, who is the daughter of Min’s girlfriend.

The initial investigation revealed that the girl was killed earlier in the day and her body was placed in the trunk of the car.

Authorities believe that Min, a factory worker, was trying to dump the body in the forest. The cause of death is believed to be strangulation.

Judge Steve Ritikos ordered Min to be held without bail.