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Man molests 8-year-old boy on Disney World ride in front of his mother

By Emily Lewis 6:37 AM January 30, 2018
Arturo Benitez-Pita

A man was arrested after getting off a ride at Disney World for molesting a child.

20-year-old Arturo Benitez-Pita, who is accused of groping an 8-year-old boy at Disney World, told police that he is from Venezuela.

However, his public defender told a judge that Benitez-Pita lives in Lake County, Florida.

Benitez-Pita agreed to hand over his passport if he is able to the post $10,000 bail.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to Epcot around 8:00 p.m. and spoke with the victim’s mother.

She said her family was waiting on the line for the Test Track ride when a group of people told her that she could go ahead of them.

Benitez-Pita went into the car together with the mother and her son.

The mother told police that Benitez-Pita commented on how beautiful her son is and he kept asking questions about how fast the ride was going.

The mother said that during the ride, Benitez-Pita put his arm on the boy’s chest and knees as if to protect him.

He then put his hand on the child’s groin area. The mother said that she slapped the man’s hand away from her son.

She called the deputies as soon as the ride ended.

Benitez-Pita said that if he touched the child inappropriately, it was accidental. He added that he was scared during the ride and that he may have moved his hand toward the boy out of reflex.

Benitez-Pita was charged with lewd or lascivious molestation on a child under 12-years-old.