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Man mourns death of mother after he stabbed her while drunk because he never meant to kill her

By William Martin 7:00 AM January 4, 2018
Knife (illustration)

A man is mourning the loss of his mother after he stabbed her in a drunken fit of rage.

Police in Aomori, Japan, have arrested the man on charges of murder for killing his mother in their home.

According to the police, 22-year-old Kyo Sasaki stabbed his mother, 45-year-old Megumi, in the chest.

At 11:20 p.m., Sasaki called police to report that he stabbed his mother. Officers and emergency workers arrived and rushed Megumi to a hospital.

Doctors were unable to save Megumi and she was pronounced dead.

During questioning, Sasaki told the police that he had been out drinking before he returned home around 10:30 p.m. Sasaki said that he got into a heated argument with his mother.

Sasaki admitted that he lost his temper, pulled a knife and stabbed his mother in the chest.

However, he said he had no intention of killing her and he is distraught over the death.