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Man murders his former wife and cooks her body parts after she came to pick up her kids for visitation

By Tanya Clark 2:03 PM January 25, 2018
Magdalena Romero

A woman was brutally murdered by her former husband when she came to his home to get her kids for visitation, according to police in Mexico.

Taxco police said that they are looking for Cesar Gomez Arciniega after being accused of chopping up his wife’s body and cooking her in a pot on his stove.

He is facing a charge of femicide.

Police urged anyone with information about the whereabouts of Arciniega to call them.

According to the police investigation, 28-year-old Magdalena Aguilar Romero was married to Arciniega and they had several children together.

Recently, the two divorced.

Romero worked as a nutritionist in a medical center.

On Saturday, Romero called her mother after leaving work to say that she was going to pick her kids up from the home of her former husband.

She promised to meet her mother in a few hours at church.

When Romero failed to show up at church, her mother called the police.

Police began looking for Romero but could not find her for 9 days.

Officers then decided to search the home of Romero’s former husband and ask him whether he knew where she was.

The officers knocked on Arciniega’s door, and when he did not answer, they broke into the home.

Officers were shocked to find a plastic garbage bag on the kitchen floor, containing parts of Romero’s body.

They also found a pot cooking on the stove.

When they opened the lid, the officers found more body parts cooking in the boiling water.

They later found another pot inside a refrigerator with the rest of the woman’s body, which was nearly frozen.

Investigators do not yet know a motive for the murder.