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Man in prison for making death threats against Barack Obama gets more jail for threatening President Donald Trump

By Emily Lewis 8:09 AM January 29, 2018
President Donald Trump, Former President Barack Obama, and Richard Ware

A man who was nearing the end of his prison term for threatening Barack Obama and his family while he was president will not be freed from jail anytime soon.

The federal inmate in Florida was previously sentenced to 5 years in prison for threatening to kill then President Obama and others.

He also threatened to sexually assault Obama’s daughters.

Now, the man was sentenced to another four years and three months in prison for threatening to kill President Donald Trump.

42-year-old Richard Jeremy Ware wrote a letter in March, announcing his plans to assassinate the president of the United States, Donald Trump, after his scheduled release date from the Coleman Correctional Institute.

A guard at the federal prison intercepted the letter and Ware was charged with threatening the president.

Ware admitted that he wrote the letter and pleaded guilty to having threatened the president.

After completing his sentence, Ware will be on probation for three years.