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Man rapes his mother’s 2 goats to death

By Emily Lewis 12:50 PM January 30, 2018
Goat (illustration)

A man in Kenya is being criticized by the police chief and the people in his community after raping his mother’s goats to death.

Kangundo police said that they have arrested 35-year-old Mbithi Munyao after allegedly raping his mother’s two goats to death.

Munyao has been charged with two counts of bestiality.

He pleaded not guilty at the Kangundo Law Courts.

He was booked into jail and his bail has been set at $975.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Thursday.

Munyao found his mother’s goats grazing in a field.

He then dragged the two goats behind some bushes, where he had sex with them for two hours.

The goats later died of exhaustion.

When Munyao’s mother found her dead goats, she called the police.

Police arrested Munyao as he was the last person who was seen with the goats.

During questioning, Munyao told police that he raped the goats because he wanted to have sex.

Assistant police chief Mary Mulwa said that Munyao’s actions were illogical as there were many single women looking to have sex with men.

The dead goats were seized by police as evidence and were presented in court.