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Man sends nude photos of preschool teacher to her boss and coworkers as revenge for refusing to sleep with him again

By Mason White 7:23 AM January 19, 2018
Giuseppe Garibaldi

A woman called police after receiving calls from coworkers and friends to tell her that they received nude photos of her.

The woman took screenshots of the disturbing photos and handed them over to police.

The woman believed the photos were sent by a man as revenge after she turned down his sexual advances.

According to police, the victim, a mother of 2 children who works as a preschool teacher, met 30-year-old Giuseppe Garibaldi through an online dating site.

The woman wanted a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship but Garibaldi wanted something more. He allegedly wanted the teacher to date him exclusively.

The two had sex about five times. According to police, Garibaldi recorded those encounters.

The victim claimed that she had no knowledge about the photos and videos, which were being taken.

When the woman told Garibaldi that she no longer wanted to be intimate with him, police said he posted the nude photos of her on the Facebook page of the school where she worked. He also sent them to her boss, friends, and coworkers.

The victim identified the man in the photos as Garibaldi by a tattoo on his arm.

Garibaldi was seen smiling in his mugshot after he was arrested on charges including sexually cyber harassing a person, extortion, and stalking.