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Man sets hotel room on fire causing lots of damage because he wanted attention

By Alexis Bell 6:25 AM January 2, 2018
Rodney Diamond

Guests were forced to evacuate from a hotel after a man deliberately set it on fire.

Firefighters were called to battle the flames at the Garden Suites hotel off SH-249 and Old Bammel N. Houston Road in Houston, Texas, at 4:15 a.m.

The fire was ruled to be arson and police investigated the man who was in the room where the fire started.

Witnesses told police that they heard a couple arguing near the hotel room of 52-year-old Rodney Diamond before the fire was started.

Diamond was found lying on the floor in his room. He was taken to a hospital for medical issues that were not related to the fire, police said.

Rachel Moreno of the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office said that Diamond confessed to investigators that he started the fire “to gain attention.”

He did get a lot of attention but for the wrong reasons.
After he was treated at the hospital, Diamond was arrested for the arson and he also had a warrant out for his arrest for two unrelated felony charges.