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Man had sex with 3 cows after breaking into employer’s farm in the middle of the night

By Tanya Clark 1:47 PM January 18, 2018
Cow (illustration)

A farmer was shocked to wake up one morning and find that one of his cows had died overnight, according to police in India.

Varnama police said that they have arrested a man who was identified only as Rathodiya after being accused of having sex with three cows and killing one of them.

Rathodiya was charged with having unnatural sex, committing mischief by killing and injuring cattle, outraging religious feelings, and animal cruelty.

A judge ordered Rathodiya to undergo a mental health evaluation.

According to the police investigation, Lalji Rabari owns and operates a milk farm.

Rathodiya worked for Rabari and regularly milked the cows on the farm.

On Sunday night, Rathodiya broke into the farm and tied the feet of three cows.

He then had sex with all three of them.

Rathodiya proceeded to kill one of the cows before fleeing the scene.

When Rabari woke up on Monday morning, he found the three tied up cows and immediately called the police.

Rabari told the police that he suspected his worker who admitted to having sex with a cow 2 years ago.

During questioning by police, Rathodiya admitted to having sex with the three cows.