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Man stabbed 16-year-old girl to death because she refused his sexual advances

By Mason White 1:23 PM January 24, 2018
Alero Eyesan in the hospital

A killer is on the run after stabbing a teenage girl because she refused his sexual advances, according to police in Nigeria.

Delta police said that they are looking to arrest the suspect who was identified as Osama after being accused of stabbing 16-year-old Alero Eyesan.

Osama is facing a charge of murder.

According to the police investigation, last month, Osama began stalking Eyesan.

On several occasions, Osama approached Eyesan and asked her out.

Eyesan rejected his request because she was too young.

On Sunday, Osama again approached the girl and asked her out.

Osama made it clear that he wanted Eyesan to be his girlfriend.

When Eyesan refused again, Osama pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the thigh.

Osama then fled the scene and he remains at large.

Meanwhile, Eyesan was rushed to a hospital to be treated for the stab wound on her thigh.

At first, doctors were optimistic that she would make a full recovery.

However, Eyesan contracted a blood infection and died of sepsis.