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Man stalked wife for 2 years by posing as her ex-boyfriend online while comforting her when she got scared

By William Martin 7:58 AM January 25, 2018
Paul Playle

A man put his wife through extreme pain by stalking her while playing the role of a loving husband.

The couple of England has been together since they were both 16-years-old.

They were married for 27 years and have children together.

However, as Paul Playle was acting as a loving husband and father, he also caused great suffering to his wife by stalking her online.

The Lewes Crown Court heard that 43-year-old Paul Playle set up fake social media accounts in the name of a man who dated his wife before she met Paul.

Paul sent messages to his wife Alice Playle, saying he was watching her and he wrote details showing that he knew about her personal life.

On one occasion, when Alice was out shopping with a new handbag, her husband pretended to be the ex-boyfriend and wrote: “Nice handbag, do you want to meet in Starbucks for a coffee.”

Alice, who said that she was faithful throughout her marriage, became scared to go outside because of her stalker.

The court heard how Paul acted as a loving husband and comforted his wife as she became reclusive and considered suicide.

One day, the woman received a message with a photo that was taken at the Gatwick Airport. The woman reported it to police.

Officers reviewed airport surveillance video and saw Paul taking the photo just before it was sent to his wife in her ex-boyfriend’s name.

Paul denied the claims and continued sending messages to his wife even after being arrested.

The abuse only stopped when he was remanded into custody.

“He was the one person I believed I could always trust. I no longer trust anyone anymore,” Alice told the court. She added that her “children are devastated” by the situation.

It took a jury less than 30 minutes to find Paul guilty of stalking and coercive and controlling behavior.

He was jailed for 3 and a half years.