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Man steals neighbor’s chickens and rapes them to death

By Emily Lewis 2:50 PM January 28, 2018
Alfred Mutai

A man was brutally beaten by an angry mob after being caught dumping dead chickens that appeared to have been raped, according to police in Kenya.

Bomet County police said that they have launched an investigation against 33-year-old Alfred Kipkemoi Mutai after being accused of raping his neighbor’s chickens to death.

Mutai is facing charges of theft, animal cruelty, and unnatural sex acts.

Mutai was ordered to pay compensation of $40 to the owner of the two raped chickens.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Sunday.

Mutai went into his neighbor’s yard and stole two chickens.

When the neighbor, Richard Kibor Tonui, noticed that his chickens were missing, he alerted the residents of his neighborhood.

A large crowd gathered and looked for the chickens.

Later in the day, Mutai was caught trying to dump the two dead chickens that appeared to have been raped.

Mutai admitted to raping the chickens to death.

The crowd beat Mutai until police arrived at the scene.

Mutai promised to get married and stop having sex with animals.