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Man suing travel company after his left testicle swelled up and exploded like a volcano following vacation from hell

By Alexis Bell 12:41 PM January 10, 2018
David Worsley

An elderly man from the United Kingdom became extremely sick following a vacation in Tunisia.

59-year-old David Worsley of Bolton said that he and his wife Joanne, 50, booked a vacation with travel company TUI.

The couple went to the Riu Marco Polo Hotel in Hammamet, where the two had a good time until Worsley became sick.

Worsley got a very high fever along with fatigue and vomiting.

A TUI representative told Worsley that he was just suffering from a sunstroke and would soon recover.

When Worsley came home, he checked himself into a hospital, where he was diagnosed with African salmonella, which is a highly contagious disease.

After 10 days of treatment, Worsley was discharged.

However, Worsley’s left testicle was swollen like a grapefruit and was experiencing excruciating pain.

He had to wear his grandchild’s diapers because his testicles were leaking.

One night, Worsley woke up from the pain.

He decided to take a bath to alleviate some of the pain.

While in the water, his left testicle burst.

He went back to the hospital and the doctor said that the testicle exploded like a volcano.

Worsley asked a court to order TUI to pay his medical bills, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Worsley said that part of him being a man is now gone.

Worsley told the court that this was the worst vacation from hell he is ever experienced.