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Man swiped live fish from pet store and hid them in his pants before fleeing

By Emily Lewis 1:56 PM January 25, 2018
Cruz Garcia

A man was caught on surveillance video swiping live fish from a tank and placing them inside his pants while an accomplice distracted a store employee, according to police in Florida.

The Clearwater Police Department said that 30-year-old Cruz Orlando Garcia Jr. went fishing the other day at a pet store on South Missouri Avenue.

While his accomplice, Crystal Marie Dixon, distracted the clerk, he netted a couple of fish, put them in a bag, and then chose a unique way to conceal them.

He stuffed the fish, an Electric Blue Acaras and a Blue Ram Cichlids, down the front of his pants.

He and his accomplice then fled the Pet Safari without paying for the items.

He was charged with petit theft and taken to the Pinellas County Jail.

The police are still looking to arrest Dixon.

Store clerk Kayla Kraut said that each fish cost about $19.

Kraut said that Dixon kept her busy by asking nonsensical questions while Garcia was busy at the fish tanks.

Garcia then told her that the fish was beautiful as he fled out the door.

Kraut sensed that something was wrong and went to check the fish tanks.

She noticed that there was water everywhere and some fish were missing.

Kraut managed to get the license plate number of Garcia’s car.

She also handed over the surveillance camera footage to investigators.