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Man uses his wife and girlfriend to recruit underage girls for prostitution

By William Martin 11:37 AM January 21, 2018
Angel and Michael Gunn and Vanessa Dominguez

A man sold young girls for sex in order to pay for his luxury lifestyle.

41-year-old Michael Gunn, a convicted sex offender, lived in a big house with his wife and girlfriend while he pimped out underage girls to support himself.

Gunn of Dumfries, Virginia, used his wife, Angel Gunn, 35, and his live-in girlfriend, Vanessa Domingues, 31, to recruit the girls.

The women managed to lure a 14-year-old girl and a 16-year-old girl to the home. Gunn then took photos of them and advertised their services online.

For two years, Gunn lived off of the money he received from pimping out the victims. Gunn was finally caught when police found him in a car with the 14-year-old girl outside a hotel, where she was waiting for a customer.

According to prosecutors, Gunn forced one of the girls to earn $1,000 a night and the other girl was ordered to bring in $400. He set a higher price for the girl “because of her skin color,” according to court documents.

Gunn was found guilty of the charges brought against him and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

He was also ordered to pay nearly $650,000 in restitution to the teenage victims. This is allegedly the amount of money he earned by selling the underage girls for sex over 2 years.

In addition to Gunn, 41, his wife and girlfriend were convicted of helping him. Angel Gunn was sentenced to 11 and a half years in prison while Dominguez was sentenced to 10 years behind bars.