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Married doctor performed sex acts on himself and 8 women after telling them he had to perform “manual manipulation therapies” on their private parts

By Mason White 1:50 PM January 18, 2018
Jaswant Rathore

A married doctor betrayed the trust of his patients by sexually assaulting them during appointments, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, the doctor who worked as a general practitioner in Dudley has been convicted of sexually assaulting a number of his patients while treating them.

Jaswant Rathore, 60, from Ploughmans Walk, Wall Heath, was found guilty of a string of sex attacks on women following a seven-week trial at the Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Rathore, who worked at a surgery in Dudley, abused his position of trust to carry out sexual assaults and intimate examinations on his female patients who had gone to see him for treatment.

Rathore, a married father of five children, carried out the assaults on four different women aged between 20 and 32.

An additional 4 women filed complaints against the doctor.

Rathore used his influence to persuade the women to undergo “manual manipulation therapies” using massage, which enabled him to assault the women for his own sexual gratification.

He molested the women during one-to-one consultations, with no chaperone present in the examination room.

The court heard that his victims were left feeling traumatized following their treatments.

On some occasions, Rathore pleasured himself during the visits.

Rathore claimed his intimate massages on some patients, which he conducted without wearing surgical gloves, were medically justified.

The jury found Rathore guilty of 10 assaults on 4 patients.

Detective Inspector Michelle Thurgood, who led the investigation, said: “Rathore was a respected and experienced doctor who abused his position of trust to assault these women when they were at their most vulnerable.

He was sentenced to serve 12 years in prison.

The General Medical Council canceled Rathore’s medical license.