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Married man beheads his lover after accusing her of cheating on him

By Alexis Bell 6:40 AM January 4, 2018
Jyoti Surjeet Singh

A married man who was cheating on his wife was arrested for beheading his mistress in a jealous fit of rage.

Police in India have arrested 30-year-old Pritesh Patel over the horrific death of his lover.

Patel told police that he met Jyoti Surjeet Singh at dance bars in Mumbai.

Singh was a dancer and a part-time model. Last week, Singh traveled to Patel’s hometown in Gujarat to celebrate his birthday and they spend the weekend together.

The next day, the pair set up a time to meet at Patel’s farm.

Singh went to the farm with her driver Sandeep Singh and his wife. At some point during their time together, Patel accused Singh of having another boyfriend.

Patel attacked his lover and beheaded her with a sickle. He then fled the scene. The driver and his wife called the police, who arrested Patel on charges of murder.

During the interrogation, Patel told the police that he had spent a lot of money on Singh and that he suspected she was in a
relationship with another man.