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Married man caught having sex with mentally ill woman in broad daylight

By Alexis Bell 11:31 AM January 7, 2018
Baba Nyasha

A married man was shamed by his community after he was caught on video having sex with a woman in broad daylight.

Baba Nyasha of Banket Growth Point, Zimbabwe, was caught with his pants down having sex with the woman behind a shop.

People were angry that Nyasha took advantage of the woman who is known to suffer from a mental illness.

People mocked Nyasha and poured muddy water over him while the woman was sitting on top of him.

Some people took videos as Nyasha was being humiliated. In the photos and videos, the woman was seen crying as she was splashed with the dirty water, which was meant for her attacker.

Someone called Nyasha’s wife to the scene so she can witness his cheating first hand. The wife then packed her belongings and left her husband.