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Married pastor caught paying $80 to prostitute for sex at hotel

By Tanya Clark 12:24 PM January 9, 2018
Eddie Hilburn

A married pastor was humiliated after being caught paying a prostitute for sex, according to police in Florida.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that the pastor was arrested after he handed the woman $80 in exchange for sexual activity.

52-year-old Eddie Hilburn, who was the pastor of The Woodlands First Baptist Church, was charged with prostitution after he was busted by an undercover agent working with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

According to prosecutors, officers set up an undercover sting operation.
They posted an ad, offering sex for money.

The pastor, who is a father of three children, responded to the ad and agreed to pay $80 to have sex with the woman.

When he arrived at a hotel and handed over the money to the prostitute, officers swooped in and immediately arrested him.

Hilburn has resigned from his position as a pastor.

In court, Hilburn pleaded guilty to prostitution.

His sentencing was deferred for one year.

If he stays out of trouble, the criminal case will be removed from his record.