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Monk pulls car with the strength of his penis during annual Magh Mela festival

By Alexis Bell 12:04 PM January 4, 2018
Monk pulling van with penis

An elderly man showed off his incredible strength during an annual festival in India.

The monk, who was not identified, was recorded pulling a van, using just rope and his penis.

The feat was achieved this week during the annual Magh Mela festival.

Hundreds of thousands of people gather in Allahabad to dip in the Sangam, where the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers meet.

The man, who sports long white hair and beard, tied one end of a rope to his penis and the other to a car.

He then pulled the car a short distance.

The photos were uploaded to the Internet, where they went viral.

Several months ago, 39-year-old Ye Hongwei of Shandong, China, who is also known as Ye Wei, pulled a helicopter with his testicles.

Wei has been practicing kung fu for the past 30 years.

Hundreds of people and officials gathered to watch Wei pulling the helicopter with his testicles.

The heavy military helicopter was parked outside a hanger.

Wei tied one end of the rope around the helicopter and the other end around his testicles.

At first, he was unable to move the helicopter, but after a few minutes, Wei managed to drag the craft nearly 33 feet.

Officials of the World Record Academy handed Wei a certificate for pulling the helicopter with just his private parts.