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Mother along with son beat her husband to death and staged scene to look like an accident

By Mason White 11:35 AM January 7, 2018
Parking lot (illustration)

A man called police to report that he found his father dead in the parking lot of a store.

Police in Tokyo, Japan, began an investigation into the death of 53-year-old Hirofumi Aruka.

According to police, Aruka was found dead in his car that was parked outside a Family Mart convenience store in Itabashi.

Evidence showed that he was beaten to death.

After collecting evidence from the scene, police arrested the man’s wife, 44-year-old Yuka, and her son, 22-year-old Taisei, who was the one who called the police to report that he found his father deceased.

When the mother and son were confronted with the evidence police said that they confessed to beating Aruka in the head and face while he was in his car.

Hours after causing his death, the son called the police. The duo said that there had been financial trouble between the victim and themselves.