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Mother dresses daughter and niece like adults and sells them as prostitutes

By William Martin 8:15 AM January 29, 2018
The confiscated items in the home

A mother was arrested after police discovered that she was selling her daughter and niece for sex through the Internet.

Police in Argentina said that the 42-year-old mother dressed her 15-year-old daughter and niece in revealing clothes and sold them for sex.

The mother charged about $80 for each sex session with one of the girls. Police said that many clients were tourists.

The girls were warned that if a client asked their age, they should say they are 18-years-old, police allege.

One of the girls became pregnant and has since given birth to a healthy baby.

Police in Pinamar, Buenos Aires, raided the home in a prostitution bust. It was then they discovered that the girls were victims rather than suspects.

Police released photos of items they seized as evidence. Officers found a box containing a few sets of bikinis, hair extensions, and condoms. Officers also confiscated 6 cell phones and cash.

The two girls and the baby were placed in the care of social services.