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Mother gang-raped to force her son who eloped with woman to return home

By William Martin 7:59 AM January 8, 2018

A mother was gang-raped and her relatives were tied up and tortured by a family that demanded that the woman’s oldest son return home with his lover.

The 45-year-old woman of Baghpat, India, and her family were lured outside by another relative who asked them to join in the efforts to locate their son who eloped with a young woman.

The mother, her husband, younger son, and son-in-law all went to meet the relative.

However, when they arrived, a gang of men were waiting for them and kidnapped the family.

The men were tied up and beaten and the mother was gang-raped as the kidnappers demanded to know where the woman’s son was.

The couple’s son-in-law managed to escape, but he has not been seen and police are frantically searching for him.

On the 6th day of captivity, the couple’s son managed to escape and he ran to a police station. Officers managed to rescue the injured husband and wife.

The couple told police that their oldest son moved out of their home 5 years ago and he went to live with a family member in Sahibabad.

Krishan Kumar, who is the SHO of the Thana Bhawan police station, said: “Apparently, the woman’s son and the accused’s daughter were staying at the same relative’s house in Sahibabad. They went missing from there in early December, according to a complaint lodged at Sahibabad police station.”

Police arrested Bhopal Singh for taking part in the rape. The other suspects are still on the run, police said.

Police have also filed charges against four people in connection with kidnapping, wrongful confinement, and criminal intimidation.